Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stranger Wycott's Place

This is a new book in the Transmontanus series published by New Star Books. The series editted by west coast author Terry Glavin and is now at 17 books.

I went to a reading by John Schreiber at Bolen Books last night and I was captivated. His book speaks to my heart and the landscape that is within me.

I finished the book this afternoon - it is not a long one. I could not put it down because each and every page spoke about the lands and people I knew, of the stories I have heard and the ones I learn in my research.

John Schreiber has written the book I have in my head about the land just a little bit to the south of the Cariboo Chilcotin.

Kudos to Terry Glavin for another great installment in Transmountanus.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading Stranger Wycott's Place right now and am completely entranced. It's so vividly written, evocative and rich. Good to find another fan!
Theresa Kishkan

Catherine said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful. Can I borrow it for a day?

Bernard von Schulmann said...

Sure - anytime you like