Friday, March 14, 2008

Some Genealogy Resources

I was doing some looking around for the first time in sometime for what resources there might be for my genealogy online and I found some very interesting sites.

Family History Documents from Estonia This site has numerous church books within it and is a great way for me to confirm details of my ancestors. I am sure there is data there that my other sources over the years have not had. The site is big and will take a long time to go through.

Manors in Estonia - being a Baltic German noble, this site is very interesting. I found some pictures from my families old home Limmat there ( Lümandu in Estonian) I also found this site with pictures of the house in about 2004 - who they are and why they are there, no idea.

This site offers digital images of the pages of the various Genealogical Handbooks for the Baltic German nobility.

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moonika said...

hello my name is moonika.i live in estonia.i would like do now more about history of your family who lived in lümandu manor.We visit this manorhouse regulary and we are wery interested about the history of this place.Gratefully Moonika email is