Sunday, March 09, 2008

More on Wednesday Morning

Fog is keeping the plane from leaving. The hope is that it will burn off in the next hour and we can depart for Holland.

Yesterday afternoon I met Ed Murrow. We had a late lunch and then he had me do a voice test. He was concerned that as English is not my first language that I would have a strong accent and that the New York office would not be happy. Ed was certain that the test would be a formality because my English is quite good. We did the test at about 4pm and the response was positive.

Ed is not sure where and when he will use me, but that having me available in Tallinn or Helsingfors would be beneficial. He did ask if I would be willing to travel to Leningrad and I made it absolutely clear that I would not cross the border into Soviet Russia for any reason. He looked resigned to my answer.

So I am also now a part time broadcaster for CBS.....

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