Monday, May 28, 2007

Police reunion tour

I love the music of the Police. The formed a part of my teenage soundtrack. I was impressed when they walked away from it all in 1983. But now they are back.

They are starting their tour in Vancouver with three sold out shows at the Garage. Tickets are not cheap, but also not wildly expensive..... but are they worth it all?

The band has been apart for 24 years now. Can they realisitically be the band and music I listened to when I was a teen? They are getting old. They have nothing new.

The last stadium concert I went to was U2 in London in 1992 - stadium gigs are just not something I ever want to go to again. U2 was fine, but the crowds, the setting and everything added nothing to the music.

The Police can go on their tour and I will pretend that they are not touring and listen to the music on my MP3 player

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