Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dirty Tricks in Politics?

This week we have been seeing a lot of discussion in the Basi-Virk trial about the media monitoring and so called dirty tricks done by Dave Basi.

I am stunned, there seems to be people horrified about political aides working to improve the image of their minister and the government. Honestly, who thought that political aides did acted differently?

I have been involved with politics in one way or another for some years. I have a knack for being able to have friends in most political parties. I have been asked by aides from the left and right to call into programs over the years, and I have done so. I did so because they knew the issue was one I supported and I could help them.

I have seen minister's offices up close and personal under Vander Zalm, Harcourt, Clark and Campbell. The all function the same way. The political aides are utterly caught up with the headline of the moment. The aides rarely seem to be able to think about any bigger picture - not that is not true, they can think about it, but they are caught up with the moment and can not act on the bigger picture.

Dave Basi was a very effective and skilled political aide. All that is being revealed at the moment is exactly what I would have expected. It is all part of the game that is politics.

The NDP is always going to try and make themselves look great and the Liberals bad - and the Liberals will do the same. Using staff and supporters to enhance this is all part of the playbook everyone uses.

I would be much more worried about a government that either did not or could not play the game.

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